Michael Adams

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Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

Dr. Michael Adams and Dr. Rachel Holden (Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine) run a collaborative research laboratory. The long term goal of our research is to contribute to a greater understanding of the causes and consequences of cardiovascular and kidney disease, as well as sexual dysfunction, and to apply this knowledge to the development and implementation of new therapeutic strategies for prevention and treatment.

Exploring the etiologies of circulatory abnormalities has followed varied approaches for many years including roles for changes in neural, hormonal and local factors as well as in vascular structure. Within that framework our investigations focus on the critical and fundamental role that vascular remodeling plays in producing changes to circulatory health. Specifically, in conditions such as CKD, we are targeting the mechanistic underpinnings of abnormal circulatory states such as endothelial dysfunction, increased pulse pressure, elevated pulse wave velocity, and hypertension.

We are also interested in determine the potential efficacy of various treatments to prevent or reverse the pathological vascular structural changes. In particular, our overall working hypothesis has been that pharmacotherapy-induced regression or prevention of pathogenic changes in cardiovascular structure imparts a more permanent normalization of the circulatory function; i.e. providing a 'cure' rather than just relief of signs and symptoms.

In this regard, a current research focus seeks to optimize treatments involving combination vitamin K and vitamin D delivery to manage the onset and development of vascular calcification resulting from chronic kidney disease (CKD).